Why You Should Consider Veterinary Treatment Flowsheets for Your Practice

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11 April 2023 Rajat Sharma Leave a comment The Onward Vet Resources and Veterinary Blog

Managing patient records and workflows is one of the biggest headaches for any veterinary hospital or hospital system. Veterinarians often struggle with different software, processes, and paper trails, which creates bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Veterinary treatment flow sheets are a solution to this problem. By allowing easy access to information, practices can better manage their patients’ records and keep track of vital data.

But there’s more to veterinary electronic medical records than being a cloud-based storage system. Big or small, here’s why you should consider this technology for your practice.

The Benefits of Electronic Treatment Flowsheets

As mentioned, veterinary treatment flow sheets are an essential tool for numerous reasons:

  • Improved efficiency: Manual record-keeping is notoriously inefficient and prone to error. With real-time updates and easy accessibility, flowsheets enable you to update your patients’ records quickly.
  • Reduced errors: A centralized location for patient data reduces the risk of miscommunication or lost records. Also, standardized templates, alerts, and reminders ensure that critical information is not missed.
  • Improved patient care: Easy access to patient information means you can quickly identify and address any issues or changes in a patient’s condition. This leads to faster diagnosis and treatment and improved patient outcomes.
  • Streamlined information tracking: It’s harder to keep track of all patient records manually. For instance, a dog may be treated and receive a new file in an emergency, even if he’s visited at a prior time with the owner’s spouse. Veterinary treatment flow sheets also allow for improved communication between team members, ensuring that everyone is up-to-date on a patient’s status.
  • File safety: Fires, floods, mold, and natural disasters can destroy hospitals and their records if they are stored on-site. Cloud-based records prevent all of your patient files from being lost forever.
  • Digital record audits: With cloud-based veterinary software, you can easily track the performance of your workflows, your communications, and your task completion rates to eliminate any inefficiencies. You can also find missed billings, non-payments, and lost fees to boost your clinic’s revenue with little effort.

While it may seem reassuring to have all your client paperwork at your fingertips in a filing cabinet, these benefits far outweigh the old-school method of storing information.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Veterinary Treatment Flowsheets

Veterinary electronic medical records are an essential tool for modern veterinary medicine, but like all tools, they need to be used effectively to improve your hospital’s workflows.

  1. Provide Staff Training

    Ensure that all team members know how to use electronic treatment flowsheets effectively, including how to input and update data, access records, and use appropriate templates.

    Regular refresher training sessions may also be necessary to keep users up-to-date with the latest features and functionality.

  2. Regularly Review and Update Records

    Flowsheets are only effective if they are kept up-to-date. Establish a system for reviewing patient records to ensure any changes to a patient’s condition, treatment plan, or medication regimen have been recorded.

  3. Use the Data Collected

    Veterinary practices can continuously improve their care and service to their patients by analyzing the wealth of data generated by their veterinary treatment flowsheets.

Switch to a Cloud-Based System

Veterinary treatment flowsheets can significantly improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance patient care.

Furthermore, a cloud-based system like Onward Vet allows you to securely access patient records from anywhere. We provide best-in-class security that ensures your data is not susceptible to breaches, corruption, or deterioration.

Don’t let outdated record-keeping systems hold you back. Schedule a demo today to learn more about why Onward vet is the software for your practice.

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