Onward Vet© is an easy-to-use, web-based Electronic Health Records system to help veterinarians track patient data and manage their practice

Medical Record

  • Chief Complaint, SOAP Notes, Alert
  • Customizable SOAP templates
  • Problem List
  • Customizable Physical Exam
  • Surgery Notes
  • RX Medications and Supplies Labels
  • Integrated Hospitalization Treatment Flowsheet
  • Patient Pictures. Easy upload of any documents/images to patient record
  • Standardized diagnosis codes
  • Referral Management and direct emailing medical record to referrals
  • Share patient, client and medical records across linked locations
  • Boarding
  • In-house lab integration
  • Electronic signatures for Rabies and
  • Spay/Neuter Certificates

Onward Vet

Onward Vet


  • Electronic White Board
  • Manage Appointment
  • Manage Patient and Clients
  • Manage clinic users – with security groups
  • Manage Inventory – With controlled substance tracking
  • Manage Company Defaults
  • Meaningful Reports
  • Reminder setup
  • Procedure and Medication/Supply maintenance
  • Problem list maintenance
  • Lab interface maintenance
  • SOAP and Surgery Templates
  • Manage Company Document (E.g Electronic signed Consent forms.)
  • Interface to CURES for Controlled Substance Reporting

Estimate and Billing

  • High/Low Estimates
  • Customizable Estimate and SOAP Templates
  • Combine templates
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Print or email bills and estimates

Onward Vet

Onward Vet

Client Communication

  • Automatic email and text reminders
  • Reminder postcards
  • Client communication notes
  • Client Portal
  • Patient Callbacks


  • Bi-directional with IDEXX Reference Lab and VetLab Station
    Bi-directional with Antech
  • Upload any other lab results (E.g. Abaxis, Heska etc.), images and documents directly to patient record
  • Upload X-Ray results
  • Interfaces in works with MWI, Online Pharmacies and Payment Processing

Onward Vet

Onward Vet

Data Security

We take data security very seriously. Your data is extremely safe with Onward Vet with multiple layers of firewall and encryption, Data is stored securely in Amazon AWS cloud. It is backed up to multiple locations, with a hot stand-by backup with up-to-the-second data ready to go.