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Veterinary Industry Consolidation Trends

30 August 2021 Rajat Sharma Leave a comment Blog

Rajjatt Sharrmaa for Onward Vet Introduction The veterinary industry has been going through a consolidation and corporatization trend for the last few years. Larger players are buying up smaller players who in turn are buying smaller clinics. This blog shows how corporations can attract more clinics and help them grow, and also increasing corporate revenues […]

4 Things to Know About the Pet Boom

14 May 2021 Rajat Sharma Leave a comment Blog

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing most Americans to spend more time at home, the year 2020 was one of explosive pet adoption and ownership, otherwise known as the “pet boom.” Slightly more than half of American households already owned pets and that number rose to over 4% according to a study by Packaged Facts. With […]

Why You Should Consider Electronic Treatment Flowsheets

14 May 2021 Rajat Sharma Leave a comment Blog

One of the biggest headaches at any veterinary hospital or hospital system is managing patient records and workflows. Information needs to be easily accessible, yet secure; quickly updatable, yet safely managed. Often, these hospital workflow systems evolve over time with different softwares, processes, and paper trails. Over time, these ad-hoc systems begin to create more […]

How to Reintroduce In-Person Care at Your Veterinary Clinic

14 May 2021 Rajat Sharma Leave a comment Blog

It’s been well over a year since the start of the pandemic when veterinary clinics had to shift operations from in-person care to distanced services. From drive-thru visits to telemedicine care, veterinary practices had to pivot in order to maintain top-quality care while protecting the health of their staff as well as the health of […]

Why Veterinary Cloud-Based Software Is the Best Way to Manage Your Practice

14 May 2021 Rajat Sharma Leave a comment Blog

Many vets use paper-based or on-site server-based software to manage patient records. However, increasingly many practices are making the switch to cloud-based software systems because there are significant advantages. What is Cloud-Based Software? What exactly is cloud-based software? While it may sound like a new technology, you most likely use some type of cloud-based software […]

Become more Relevant to Clients and Boost the Bottom Line

27 February 2015 owvet_admin Leave a comment Blog

Linda Wasche, MBA, MA LW Marketworks inc. I went to a local low-cost spay / neuter clinic  yesterday.   Yes, I admit it.  And I know you will not be happy.  The clinic makes it affordable for me help homeless cats.  It also allows me to study low-cost services.  This one offers spay/neuter, wellness exams, […]

The Benefits of IDEXX VetLab Software Interface

7 January 2014 owvet_admin Leave a comment Blog

As we discussed in an earlier blog post, Onward Vet’s cloud-based veterinary software is a good avenue for clinics that want to go paperless but don’t want the hassle of IT issues. One of the biggest benefits that it offers, though, is an interface that provides direct access to in-house lab equipment such as IDEXX […]

Modernizing Medicine: Cloud-Based Software Extends to Veterinary Offices

26 November 2013 owvet_admin Leave a comment Blog

In a society where nearly everything is going virtual – from viewing kids’ report cards to paying your phone bill to confirming your flight – it’s not too surprising that offices in the medical field are also finding ways to streamline operations with the latest technologies. Cloud-based software in particular makes it easy to keep […]