About Onward Vet

Onward Vet© is an easy-to-use, web-based Electronic Health Records system to help veterinarians track patient data and manage their practice

Our Story

Rajat heard from a number of veterinarians that they were getting drowned in paper medical records.

Many times the office staff would misplace the patient records and patients would have to wait for a long time while the staff were trying to locate their paper files.

Also, a common complaint was the existing practice management were very cumbersome to use and required frequent IT support to take care of backups and system issues.

The idea for a better mouse-trap was born with mission to help veterinarians easily, efficiently and effectively manage their hospitals without the headaches of in-house information technology. Onward Vet’s state-of-the-art cloud based veterinary practice management system was the answer. No servers to maintain – the freedom of using any device and internet connection was all that was needed to access the records from anywhere in the world!

Our Team

Onward Vet

Rajat Sharma
Founder and CEO

  • Designer of the Onward Vet backend database to function as a highly scalable and secure data store
  • Experience as a Big Data database architect and performance tuning expert for SQL Server, Oracle, and Hadoop
  • MS Computer Engineering, University of Southern California
  • MBA, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

Onward Vet

Lead Web Application Architect

  • Expert on web development technologies such as SQL Server, ASP.NET, MVC, Restful API, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX
  • Incorporates cutting edge and secure web technologies into Onward Vet.
  • Leads the development of major Onward Vet modules such as Treatment Plan Flow-sheets.

Onward Vet

Shikha Maya
Chief User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Designer

  • Ensures the Onward Vet software interface is intuitive and efficient to use in order to meet client needs in the rapidly evolving veterinary industry
  • BA, Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara

Onward Vet

Veterinary Doctors’ Panel
Multiple veterinarians

  • Helped design the original Onward Vet application
  • Continue to provide on-going veterinary subject matter expertise for new enhancements

What Some of Our Customers Say

We have been using Onward Vet for almost a year now. We had a small animal practice without any computers in the office, but were looking to computerize. After examining a number of programs we decided to go with Onward Vet. From the start, we received great support to help us get started and up and running. The program has a bit of a learning curve but with some time and experience, it becomes easy to use. Today we have six computers in the office and can also access the program from anywhere, on our phones, iPads and home computers. It is nice to be able to have the information available anyplace and any time. I can say this is a great program. It is as complete as I could want. There are parts of it that are still waiting to be investigated and learned if we need them. Our paper records are slowly being phased out as we are moving toward a "less paper" practice. I must say that the development team for Onward Vet has done a great job creating this program and they are continuing to make improvements. We have enjoyed working with the Onward Vet staff and the program. I would recommend this program to other veterinary practices.

James Teare
James Teare

We have gotten rid of the file cabinets...in a small clinic, space is valuable. I have the ability to review cases, complete write ups and communicate with clients anywhere, anytime as long as I have internet. The software is so easy to use. And they constantly improve it, making things even easier. No scary upfront fee. It has been 3 years and I can't find anything negative to say. Recommend it.

Rafael Salvador
Rafael Salvador

A key asset for a successful start up veterinary hospital!

Brett The Vet Cordes
Brett The Vet Cordes

Product is solid, great service at a fair rate.

John Rueweler
John Rueweler