1. How does Onward Vet pricing work?

Onward Vet's subscription model has a monthly base price that includes all features and integrations, and 24/7 expert support. This subscription fee is based on the number of users at your practice. Custom pricing is also available for practices or hospital groups with more than ten veterinarians or multiple offices.

2. Can I use Onward Vet as a solo veterinarian?

Yes. Onward Vet recognizes that even small veterinary practices need help with administrative tasks and keeping patient records. Check out our affordable pricing for solo vets, or schedule a demo to find out what our system can do for you.

3. Do I need any special software or hardware to use Onward Vet?

The Onward Vet platform is accessible on any device that runs a modern browser such as Chrome or Safari. You can use it on any Mac, PC, iOS, or Android-based tablet, phone, or computer.

4. Do I need Wi-Fi or a cellular data plan for my devices?

Yes. You need an internet connection to get the most out of Onward Vet. It's best to set up both Wi-Fi and a cellular data plan for your devices to ensure you are always connected and have access to all features of the Onward Vet platform.

5. What will happen to my old records?

Our experienced team will help you import and convert your existing data after you subscribe to Onward Vet. 

6. Will I need to back up my data?

No. Onward Vet is a cloud-based software, meaning your data is backed up automatically. 

7. What happens to my records if I cancel my Onward Vet subscription?

Onward Vet users have control over their own data. You have the freedom to export your records and other data at any time, even as an active subscriber.

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