Veterinary Practice Management Software

Onward Vet© is an easy-to-use, web-based Electronic Health Records system to help veterinarians track patient data and manage their practice

If your veterinary clinic has yet to go paperless, it’s time to make the switch. Our veterinary practice management software is focused on ease of use, comprehensive data management, and up-to-date patient tracking. Now, your veterinary clinic can get patients in and out more efficiently with none of the hassle that comes from traditional management software. Here are some of the features that Onward Vet can offer you:

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Web-Based Technology: Many clinics are reluctant to go paperless because they don’t feel that they can bring on a sufficient IT support team to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, since Onward Vet is a web-based application that uses cloud storage, there’s no downloading or installing necessary. Our application can be accessed from any computer or tablet, so your clinic will never suffer from technical downtime.

Secure Servers: Although the application is web-based, patient records and other data is still kept secure. Employees of the clinic log in using our secure server, and every user must be issued individual logins from an authoritative figure of the clinic.

Simple Interface: There’s no need for lengthy training sessions when you make the switch to our software. The interface is as simple as it is comprehensive; it’s extremely easy to navigate with very little training.

Comprehensive Functionality: Onward Vet has you covered. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Check in pets: owners can check their pets in using a computer or tablet in the waiting area.
  • Manage inventory
  • Send out appointment reminders
  • Create data reports
  • Set and track goals
  • Store, access, and update medical records
  • Generate cost estimates
  • Have clients sign documents via tablet
  • Keep track of surgeries and medications
  • See where in the building patients are located in real time
  • Print prescription labels
  • Create user-defined templates

Unique Whiteboard Screen: Onward Vet is the only cloud-based veterinary practice management software to use a whiteboard screen that keeps track of where in the building pets are located. As pets are checked into new rooms, the whiteboard is updated in real time, which keeps employees aware and appointments running smoothly.

Chain Hospital Access: If your clinic is one of many in a chain, records added to the cloud can be accessed from any of the hospital’s locations.

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