Onward Vet to exhibit at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas

Onward Vet is going to be exhibiting at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, from Feb 15-19, 2015. Stop by our booth #2013 to say hi and learn more about the platform. We can’t wait to meet you!

Takeaways from the North American Veterinary Community Conference

The North American Veterinary Community Conference took place January 19 – 22 in Orlando, FL. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to attend, and to demonstrate the Onward Vet software to others in the veterinary field. We had close to 200 visitors at our booth and gained a lot of new customers and prospective customers!

The main reason many of our new clients signed on with us is because they like the fact that the Onward Vet management software is web-based. There’s no need to purchase hardware or software and no need to hire an IT team in case anything should go wrong. It’s more affordable, and most of our clients already have computers or iPads to use it on.

When we weren’t busy with our own booth, we got to speak with other professionals, and we noticed some very interesting, up-and-coming trends in veterinary care.


Acupuncture to Treat Pet Pain

It’s becoming more and more popular for veterinary clinics to offer acupuncture to ease the pain of pets with chronic illnesses, such as arthritis. Veterinary acupuncture encourages the body to release more pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory substances. It helps the muscles to relax, improves tissue blood flow, encourages oxygenation, and removes metabolic wastes and toxins. It’s becoming so popular because it lacks any of the adverse side-effects that often come with medications and supplements.

Another interesting practice that is gaining traction is the use of water-based treadmills. Dogs who require treatment are placed on treadmills that are submerged under water to get exercise and rehabilitation that is very low-impact. It’s a similar concept to pool therapy for humans and is showing promise for canine treatment.

Pressurized Oxygen Chambers

Pets requiring wound care are being placed in a pressurized oxygen chamber in order to keep tissue alive longer until proper treatment is available. Pressurized oxygen chambers cause the bloodstream to absorb oxygen much more quickly, which prevents tissue from decaying and making for a more successful recovery.

Third-Party Financing for Veterinary Procedures

It’s all too often that clients have pets requiring serious care, but they do not have the available funds or credit to pay for the medical procedures. More and more veterinarians are offering third-party financing. Since more customers can finance the cost of the procedures and pay for them in manageable installments, more pets are getting the care they need and more veterinarians are securing long-term customers. Fewer pets are being put down or being forced to suffer, which we’re very glad to hear!

Digital Cameras Used in Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures performed on pets are becoming more efficient, precise, and successful with the use of digital cameras. Animal surgeons are utilizing flexible tubes with cameras and lights on the end, which magnify onto a monitor, to see more easily the intricate details as they perform a procedure. Surgery outcomes, as a result, have been much better.


We’re excited by all of the cutting-edge trends we saw at the show! We look forward to next year’s conference where we will surely see a new round of exciting technologies emerging in veterinary care and practice management. 

Onward Vet to Exhibit Innovative Veterinary Practice Management Software at North American Veterinary Community Conference (NAVC)

Diamond Bar, CA —January 07, 2014 – Onward Vet, a leading provider of practice management software to veterinary clinics and hospitals, will exhibit its innovative product at the North American Veterinary Community Conference (NAVC) from January 19th through 22nd in Orlando, Florida.

The annual conference, which attracts more than 15,000 attendees and offers 650 exhibits, highlights innovations and the latest developments in the field of animal health.

Onward Vet will demonstrate its easy-to-use, cloud-based electronic health records system in Booth 4214 in the Marriott Hotel Exhibit Hall. In addition to a video loop demonstrating the software and showcasing its many benefits, company representatives will be on hand to answer questions and provide a more in-depth look at the system. Visitors who stop by the booth are also eligible to win an iPad, which will be given away on the final day of the conference.

Designed to help veterinarians easily, efficiently and effectively manage their hospitals without the headaches of in-house information technology, Onward Vet’s software system provides easy access to patient records, appointments, lab results, prescription information, billing, etc. It can run on a PC, laptop, Android tablet or iPad, allowing users to update patient status and records while on the go within their offices.

A simple user interface provides complete visibility in the clinic, from patient check-in through check out, allowing office staff to see where the patient is within a clinic or multi-hospital practice at any time throughout their visit. It also allows office staff to track every occurrence within the clinic, such as labs ordered and examination results, and provides billing at the touch of a button. Everything from appointment reminders to SOAP notes to inventory management can be handled through this convenience, cloud-based system.

“We are looking forward to meeting as many members of the veterinary community as we can during the NAVC conference,” notes Rajat Sharma, CEO, Onward Vet. “We are excited to demonstrate the ease of our veterinary practice management software, and show how simple and convenient it is to switch from manual or even other computerized systems to a cloud-based software system that enables practices to run smoothly without incurring the costs of in-house IT personnel to support it.”

For more information about the North American Veterinary Community Conference, please visit http://navc.com/conference/. To learn more about Onward Vet, visit the company’s website at onvwardvet.com.


About Onward Vet
Onward Vet was born with the mission to help veterinarians easily, efficiently, and effectively manage their hospitals without the headaches of in-house information technology and paper-based records. Onward Vet’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based veterinary practice management system offers an easy-to-use practice management system with no servers to maintain and the freedom of using any device and internet connection to access medical records from anywhere in the world.